RBR Fund

Rikki, Bylett, Rannie (RBR) Fund

The RBR Fund is for young people, including members of Scout Network, who are members of the Scout Association in Winchester District who through financial circumstances find themselves unable to take part in relevant scouting activities. It is also for those who need financial assistance to become or remain members of a section within the Scout Association in Winchester. Access to the fund is not available to adults acting in a leader, commissioner or supporter role for the relevant activity.

This fund derives from sums of money given to Winchester District in memory of the late Alan Rannie, Douglas Bylett, Rikki LeRiche, Kevin Holland and Beryl Hillier. This is known as the “Rikki, Bylett, Rannie Fund” (or in short as the “RBR Fund”). While new donations to this fund are welcome the name remains that of the three founding contributors.

Young people in any of these situations should be helped by the District without the need for special fund raising. Hence the District shall maintain this fund for this purpose. This fund welcomes donations and these donations are restricted to use for this purpose. In the event of the fund falling below £3,000 at the end of the financial year then it shall be supported by fund raising. This fund raising may be by a levy as part of the District component of the annual membership subscription. The District Treasurer is responsible for administering the fund and advising the District Executive Committee when the fund minimum level should be amended and when fund raising is required.

Applications for funding should be submitted by a GSL, the DESC or the DSNC, verifying that the application is relevant, having first taken advice from the relevant Section or Activity Leader if appropriate. Applications should be made before the event or payment is due. Applications can be made in arrears but significant justification and explanation of how the cost was covered are then required. An RBR application can be made and circulated electronically for approval using the form. Signatures on the form can be entered by copying and pasting digitally saved signatures into the relevant boxes. If one is not available then the person’s name can just be typed in.

Payment is authorised by the DC. If the DC declines the application, an appeal may be made to the District Chair whose decision is then final.

The names of the intended beneficiaries on the form shall be disclosed only to:

  • The DC

  • The District Treasurer

  • The District Chair in the event of an appeal

  • The DESC for Explorer Scout Applications

  • The DSNC for Scout Network Applications

  • The relevant GSL for Beaver Scout, Cub Scout or Scout applications

  • Other leaders, commissioners or supporters as necessary to verify and administer the application with the emphasis on this being minimal.

If you want to help one of your young people to apply for a grant then please download the form below.

Robin Cook
District Commissioner
Richard Mendelsohn
District Executive Committee Member
Jim Fraser
District Treasurer

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