New Pinsent Camp Fire Circle

Thanks to the huge generosity of Tesco Shoppers in Winchester Stores, Winchester Scouts recieved a £10k grant from the Tesco Bags of Help all the way back in 2016. Take a peek at some of the pictures to find out more:


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This new Camp Fire Circle will comfortably seat either:

  • 385 Beavers, or …
  • 330 Cubs, or …
  • 290 Scouts, or …
  • 230 adults.


Why not look at the works photos or Architects drawings?


Pinsent is growing!

Through the kindness of Winchester College and a local farmer, we are increasing the size of Pinsent by a whopping 30%! This substantial increase in the size of Pinsent means it is time to upgrade the Fire Circle that has served us so well over the last 90 years!

The Camp Fire Circle is both:

  • the central meeting place for everyone at Pinsent and
  • also the 'heart and soul' of any Camp through Scouts' activities that take place around it during the day and at night.


Thank you to all who helped on this project.

During the initial phase, 10 lorry loads of chalk were used to create the amphitheatre banks. 15 days after hiring a digger, the chalk was shaped, which allowed the vertical sleepers to be concreted into place. Then the seating was attached. An amazing team of two worked for a further 5 days, pinning the 100 oak sleepers into place.

Then our outstanding 12 Scout Groups, 3 Explorer Units and their 2,400 parents got to work!

Bark chipping, and grass seed was spread arround the new structure. The new oak railway sleepers were sanded and edged. All possible due to the amazing voulnteers during the Pinsent Working Weekend of 1-2 April 2017!

Lastly, a massive thank you to everyone at Tesco who have made this possible. The new Camp Fire Circle will be used by over a thousand young people at Pinsent, every week for the next 90 years.

Thank you TESCO Bags of Help.


Winchester District Scouts


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